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Ai-Du Branding is a branding studio by Aidas Urbelis,
which makes every mission possible: to create, visualize
and move your brand into the right direction.

Theme > Brand

What is all About?

/ABOUT/ is an award-winning underwear brand project, created for everyone who sees beauty in function, and comfort in cuts & materials.

/Ai-Du Branding Studio/ was responsible for the whole project - from the concept of the brand, its name, logo and packagings, to its introduction to the markets.

Project > Logo


This logo was designed for an upscale furniture and home accessories retail concept called /Simetria/.

Theme > Visual Identity

Creation rulez

/Creolink/ is a corporate identity project for Pan-Baltic artistic and decoration materials retail chain.

Found a talent in yourself? Come visit the nearest store - and surprise the world with your creations.

Project > Logo > Identity


This subtle identity was made for a landscaping studio called /Adspectus/. When working on it - there was a spring feeling inside all the time.

Theme > Brand concept > Identity

Distill your Style

/Distyled/ is a brand created for a minimalist leather bags and accessories line in 2013. The brand name reflects the concept of the products and invites you to purify your personal look.

Project > Logo > Identity

Fashion Infection

This provocative logo was designed for an annual international fashion event and visualized the concept of the show - to promote progressive fashion creators and support up-and-coming talents.

Theme > Logo

Mom will never be alone

/Fashion Infection/ festival has extended it's activities this year and launched several new events, kuries irgi reikejo sukurti logotypes.

In company to the parent Skull & Scissors logo Ai-du has designed the youngsters (from left to right): made-up one for the beauty program, ilgakoje for model's casting and skull+hanger logo for designer's showroom.

Theme > Logo

M likes Motion

This logo was created for /Motion-Group/ a brand-new video production house with the aim of introducing the company to the creative scene.

Project > Brandname & Concept > Logo


The brandname visualized the vision of the designer's products line under the concept /new materials - new needs/.

The logo marks /smart things/ collection created together with the author's dearest colleagues - Marius and Kriste.

Theme > Logo

Fashion - Mon Amour

Like greatest lovers of all times - branding and fashion can't live without each other. The concept and logo for series of upcoming fashion and textile events in Baltics were made with love nad best wishes from our studio.

Project > Re-branding > Logo

Let These Letters Go

This logo was created for printing industry supplier to visualize company's brandname meaning. /Libra Vitalis/= vital letters. More motion, more health, more design.

Theme > Logo

Art of the Line

These logo proposals were made for Pan-Baltic art schools coomunication programme and visualized the title of this project.

The idea of the logo is based on /Line/ as an object which in this case means the coastline of the Baltic Sea.

This vibrant line connects all the countries around the Baltic Sea into one artistic unit.

Project > Brandname > Logo > Identity


Designed for a kidswear retail chain, the Tingo concept, logo and character conveys the atmosphere of the brand and also marks the retailer's eco-baby private label.

Theme > Packaging


The thermographic mark on the cup reacts to the temperature of the liquid inside and visually informs what's in there: hot or cold. This graphic design project created in collaboration with /made>in>moon/ designers' alliance a few years ago specially for the ICFF-New York design show still makes our hearts beat stronger.

Project > Brand Vision > Packaging

A la Soleil

Awarded the First Place at Cosmopack International Design Award, this perfume project contains a brand vision and packaging solution created under the competition's theme /Trends of the Third Millenium/.

Theme > Logo

Just Push the Button

Music is inspiration. Especially when you are asked to design a new logo for a music production house. 

Our secret wish is that this universal and minimalist symbol created for /melodija/ will embellish many album covers of newly discovered music stars worldwide.

Project > Logo


Designed for a retail environment solutions studio, the logo's 3D aesthetics reflects the company's field of activity.

Theme > Identity > Logo


This logo was designed for dentistry equipment importer /Mardentas/ to stay always fit and look profesionally.

Project > Brand concept > Logo


This brandname was created for a silk acessories retailer and focuses on the values of silk as a luxury fabric: hygiene, comfort & pleasure.

Project > Logo > Identity

NATO Ministers Meeting

The solution for this project was inspired by the local symbols of Vilnius City - the meeting place of the Allliance's defence ministers.

Project > Logo > Identity


Designed for Vilnius International Theatre Festival Sirenos, the event's logo and visual identity reflects the organiser's choice - to keep a sharp focus on the European theatre scene.

Theme > font


The title's font is the /Big Deal/ in music graphics.

The CD cover is a canvas for designer - to paint the melody in letters.

This reworked typeface composition was made for singer Vygantas and this upcoming album release /CityKid/.

Project > Logo > Identity

Ministry of Finance

The visual communication concept for the National Ministry of Finance was arranged using simple shapes and references to historical symbols of statehood.

Theme > Logo

United stitching

The logo for the Lithuanian Apparel and Textile Industry Association was newly redesigned as part of its communication program seeking to stimulate export and international contacts.

Theme > Poster

Take a Break

Sometimes you need just relax, pick a random design competition to participate in and try to surprise the world once again. dreaming about it, there was a studio's entry for Terras Gauda Winemaker poster competition in Spain.

Theme > graphics

Hidden treasures

It's just a few /unpublished/ sketches from /unrealised/ folder, where we keep our fairytales. Let's unlock it and see what happens……

Theme > Logo

Ship the Weight

/Ai-Du/ Studio has just finished a full rebranding package for the Florida-based /W8 Shipping/ company. The new concept - including brandname, logo and visual identity - has been developed with the aim of representing more clearly the company’s extended service range: from auto export to international cargo delivery from the United States.

Project > Logo

Sandra Japan

/Naughty star/ logo was created for the fashion label /sandra/ to introduce the designer's RTW clothing line to the Japanese market.

Theme > Logo

Stylish Aid

This logotype was designed for First Aid Medical Center of the City of Pakruojis. So... if You broke your nail passing through - they will treat you with style.

Theme > Logo

Talent’s Forge

The logo for newly launched DesignLab at Vilnius College of Design was created to encourage the students to feel free and make up the creative fireplace inside the Lab.

Project > Logo > Identity

Vilnius College of Design

This polysemous active symbol was chosen for a design college with the aim to energize the creative level of students.

Theme > Poster

Feel the Harmony

The commission to create logo proposals for the Lithuanian National Philharmonic was so tempting – just to drown, drown into music for some time. See the result - a subtle symphony of graphic vectors which is playing inside the author's imagination.

Project > Brand concept > Logo > Identity


This automotive paints & care label was created following the concept /Progressive refinishing system/.

Theme > Poster

Jazz has arrived in the City

Celebrating its 10 year anniversary, Vilnius International MamaJazz Festival asked several graphic designers and studios to make a jazzy (funky, hip) poster to make more buzz about it. Ai-Du likes it a little bit nervous and in black & white.